The Expectation – Bridal Party


So my expectations going into this wedding…

We are always shown all the NICE things about weddings, which in all fairness, is what it is supposed to be like. It’s the most exciting day of your life and it’s wonderful and beautiful.You start planning and you ideas run through your head and it’s just EXCITEMENT.  The most difficult part is over. YOU MET THE GUY OF YOUR DREAMS.  Yes yes, marriage ain’t easy, but you found your guy you are willing to walk through all the different stages of life with.  You found someone you are going to cry with, be happy with, be angry with and be a better person with.

So after we got engaged shortly after we had a venue and a date! yaaaaaay! We chose a color scheme the planning started happening and it’s just fun and new. Exactly tho… you are on such a high that you kind of miss the warning signs. Everybody is happy for you and everyone is kind off on a high – so the true colors aren’t shown yet.

Now going into this engagement I knew my expectations were very high. I had this whole idea in my head that it’s going to be this amazing experience. Yes, there will be fights and tears and excitement and all that goes with. I asked my girlfriends to be part of my wedding party as I knew that I want them to be part of every step and they will be always part of my life – so nothing to loose when looking at old wedding pictures in 30 years time ;).

Well… NO. But more on that in next post.


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