And then it HIT ME!

So as I was talking about the expectations and the fights and reality checks and and and… And – IT HIT ME! IT FRIKK’N HIT ME!!

I’m going on about me being disappointed by everyone and expecting so much from everyone. And realizing, that is not how weddings work blah blah blah. Well…


Why is this fight – whatever it is, bothering me so much and making feel so guilty? Why am I being so hard on myself about trying to resolve this fight and trying to make everyone happy?

Why am I so focused on what might be expected of me? Excuse me?

Why do I care about the fact that they might expect me to talk to them about this whole BS when my expectations throughout this whole planning were not even a factor? I am allowed to sit back and watch as it all goes down in flames and focus on myself. I am allowed to not give a damn if they don’t like each other anymore.

I won’t argue, it’s never pleasant knowing all these things are going down. It is such a strange feeling to sit back and just observing or listening as all this goes down.

BUT, I don’t care what is expected of me! (Unless my fiancé expects me to be gorgeous on our wedding day :D, I’ll try my best). They are all big girls that can fight their own battles.

PS. I should have been n BRIDEZILLA 😀




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