The Fight… But first!

You guys know how I mentioned all my expectations and the reality of it all. Well then….



So the fight… but first. This is not going to be a very long dragged out post. Again, just my head with all these thoughts and feeling just coming out! Sorry guys.

A little background on this whole “wedding thing”. I have three stunning girls as a part of my bridal party. Though I’m so disappointed in some of them. as mentioned in:

The Reality – Bridal Party

The Expectation – Bridal Party

Anyway… They are the first girls I thought of on my little “high of excitement”. As tradition states, there is a maid-of-honor and the bridesmaids. NO ONE is more important than the other. No one stands out more than the other and they are all my girls that are so very important to me.

The thing is, though… when it becomes a state of superiority and some feel excluded, that becomes a problem. I DONT GIVE A SHIT who’s fault it is. A team does not just do whatever the hell they want. The link breaks and you work your bum off to get that back. Even me in my all-smiles-on-the-outside attitude felt excluded and very much unloved most of the time.

I’m sitting here thinking how I should’ve handled the situation, how I could have prevented it. COULD I HAVE PREVENTED IT? Yes! HOW? … *no words*

#frustrated #confused #sad #soon_be_over





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