The Reality – Bridal Party

As to my previous post its time for reality check!!!!! Boy did I get it…. So as I mentioned before, I had this expectation. Very high ones of my girls  😞
I was imagining all these fun stuff we were going to do wedding wise, everyone is happy because who doesn’t like a party!?

As a complete group of girls – never in this year of planning were we together as a group! I know we all have lives but then say no when you are asked if you would be part of the day. Don’t jump up and down in excitement and then just not care afterward! Teamwork! Not minions – TEAM. Again, apparently, I was wrong in expecting that as well. Anyhooooo back to topic.

My whole vision was about bonding. An excuse to make time for each other. Reconnect. Drink wine and just enjoy.

Eventually, dissapointment hit me hard and I felt really alone in this whole wedding “thing” since that’s how it started to feel. I was/is depressed due to lack of interest. There I said it. I felt as if my day was just a big hurdle for some and I don’t understand why. I never expected anyone to do all the work. Yes, there are formalities that the bridal party should organize or at least be enthusiastic about.

I was expecting all of these amazing weekends with my girls – as I too was on an “excitement high”, I mean I got engaged to an amazing sexy thing of a man. ❤

Girls…. don’t do what I did. Don’t Ask your girls while you are excited – let it wear off first and use that time to really think what you need from your bridal party. Tell them to write a resume if it must! Ok, i’m kidding – not a resume…. necessarily. 

Girls, moms, future mom in laws. Don’t let your bride feel like this…. and brides…. if anyone makes you feel like crap and sad like I am – sitting here in bed at 2:02 in the morning. Don’t take that crap! You do not deserve to be treated like crap or made to feel alone.

Bridezilla- you will look stunning! Don’t be too hard on everyone helping…. they ARE trying. Don’t steal their souls and make them resent you. It can happen so quickly. Treasure your gems pleAse – you are a very lucky bride 👰🏻
Out, for now, gals



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