Family Feuds

We all have I have been thinking lately about how fast families jump to conclusions or talk behind each other’s backs. How we as humans tend to hide the fact that we 1. either started it, 2.snapped and won’t admit that we were wrong in the way we handled it. 3. jumping to conclusions and taking the other person’s side. We tend to want to protect ourselves from people being mad at us. Is it, though?

So whenever there is a disagreement, there is always more than two sides. Each person involved tells the story from their perspective (or cover up the story) and then the other one starts to explain. But other than the fact that we just need to trust who is right, it often comes out that we are very biased. We refuse to believe that someone close to us can be so hurtful and deceitful. Not only when it comes to lies but just in the way they treat people we love. We love the idea of someone loving us that much that they won’t hurt us or people close to us. Um… *insert major bleep here*. 

When I get told something bad about someone I am very proud in saying I don’t pick sides. I do however look at my own experience and then draw parallels. Does not mean that the story is true, it just means it’s plausible, like all things regarding human personality. With that said – just because we can relate and have reason to believe it does not make it true. Yes, we gain a reputation for certain actions that we need to be held responsible for but sometimes people can lie because they know you will believe them and then get away with it. Being a Judge must be just the hardest! 

Now in my family – as in many, there are a lot of BS. Yes, it involves you, yes you need to handle it. They say choose your battles. Funny thing, though, when you do – it’s wrong. When you don’t – it’s wrong. I have learned to just soak up all the information, cry a bit if it upsets me, break things if needed, put on a smile and just move on.

Honestly, I can’t change the future. No one can. So why dwell on it? Obviously, when you know someone is putting laxatives in your food you are going to stop eating the food. hahaha well, I hope that’s obvious :D. The point is you can’t change what has ALREADY HAPPENED. You can only change the future. I still struggle to always understand someone’s perspective when I am personally involved and I think that is why this wedding is just so hard emotionally. And I want everything to be perfect. It difficult to just switch off and ignore it all. 

With the whole “fight” thing with the girls (not involving me), it got to me. Not because they fighting but I think it was/is – as I’m sure it’s still threading over the whole place, the fact that everyone already jumped to conclusions! THAT MADE ME VERY ANGRY! How can you just draw conclusions and now assume someone is a bad person if you don’t know how the OTHER person handled it? Like I said in “And then it HIT ME!!” if I am expected to choose sides I might just become very unpopular and I won’t it, I won’t choose! I expected them to choose me -even if just for a short while. 

I need to start getting excited for our wedding day! TODAY NEXT MONTH :D!! So! I sincerely hope that this is my last “ranting” post and that the next ones from now one will be happy and exciting posts and a lot of inspirations. Yes, this happy sad bride will definitely post hr feelings again, hopefully just not as many. 😀

Look out for my next post – that will be a little teaser to what we will be having on the tables for the reception. ❤

Thanks for reading my ramblings 😉




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