Wedding Jewelry – Mission

A few weeks ago I realized I needed jewelry for my wedding…..  Well….. that was kind of a difficult task! I am wearing a strapless dress so jewelry should be easy because nothing will be over the top. Unfortunately, I am just very picky and actually very stingy! I do NOT want to spend 1000s of rands (100 dollars) on jewelry that’s over the top and I will never wear again. Earrings I feel different about because a pair of earring is always a good investment. Bracelets and necklaces – no. If it’s not all fine and petite I won’t really wear it every day.

A while back I saw something that I loved!!! like LOVED! It was R30/$4. But the thing is I did not have cash with me (bummmmmer) so I want to pay with my debit card. The took like 10 min alone just so she can yank the card machine out of my hands and tell me to draw money. Fair enough…. card machine broke means you have to pay cash. So when you draw money from an ATM that’s not your bank, you pay like 50 bucks alone just for the bank fees. Like I said I’m stingy so why on earth would I pay R80/$10 for something that’s only like 30 bucks???? I was so ticked off I just left. Everything on the counter as is! very discouraged :(.

At home sulking……

THEN – We went to the Chinese market to see what I can find for less than R100/$13. So we get to the market and walked into every shop that looked like they might have something. I see something sparkly, get there, nothing. Just random beads or hair accessories. :(.

Nearing the end of the market mission – Mission accomplished!! Future hubby actually picked it! It super sparkly but yet not over done! I was so happy and relieved that another thing would get ticked of my list 😀

Girls….. if you are like me…. pack in your patience and buy a juice and just grin and bear if for 30 min! AND REMEBER CASH! hehehe

Have a good one girls!



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