And then it HIT ME!

So as I was talking about the expectations and the fights and reality checks and and and... And - IT HIT ME! IT FRIKK'N HIT ME!! I'm going on about me being disappointed by everyone and expecting so much from everyone. And realizing, that is not how weddings work blah blah blah. Well... Why is … Continue reading And then it HIT ME!


The Fight… But first!

You guys know how I mentioned all my expectations and the reality of it all. Well then....   So the fight... but first. This is not going to be a very long dragged out post. Again, just my head with all these thoughts and feeling just coming out! Sorry guys. A little background on this … Continue reading The Fight… But first!

{Inspiration} Elegant autumn & winter table decoration

I love decorating our apartment matching to the seasons but I always have to remind myself to keep it on a minimum because all those lovely things also need to be stored somewhere while they are not needed. Often I see things and only keep them in the back of my mind but when I […] […]

The Reality – Bridal Party

As to my previous post its time for reality check!!!!! Boy did I get it.... So as I mentioned before, I had this expectation. Very high ones of my girls  😞 I was imagining all these fun stuff we were going to do wedding wise, everyone is happy because who doesn't like a party!? As … Continue reading The Reality – Bridal Party

Introduction to my predicament!

Hello everyone. I am here to share some of my experiences as I am/was planning my wedding (we are getting married at this cute little artistic venue on 22 April 2017). Now... rather late than never in starting this blog and.... it came to me as I was crying my eyes out in the shower this … Continue reading Introduction to my predicament!

The Expectation – Bridal Party

So my expectations going into this wedding… We are always shown all the NICE things about weddings, which in all fairness, is what it is supposed to be like. It's the most exciting day of your life and it's wonderful and beautiful.You start planning and you ideas run through your head and it's just EXCITEMENT. … Continue reading The Expectation – Bridal Party