What I do <3

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All my thoughts and feelings all cramped into one little blog.  😀

We live in South Africa in hubby’s home town.

I am a Graphic Designer as well as Photographer. I love creating new things and when I have a vision of the way I want it, I WANT IT LIKE THAT!

I graduated in 2012. I met the love of my life there! the sweetest, cutest most adorable man! And needless to say we getting married! :D:D:D:D

I am not someone that likes complaining about things and I usually choose when to speak my mind depending on the company – some people can handle it, some can’t and then its WW3. Always fun.

With my wedding I am very proud to say I have not snapped or been rude to the wedding party… BUT its not always easy.

Buckle up guys. A  LOT of tears made this blog happen.